Are you looking to:

•  Move better and more often?

•  Feel stronger and more energized to continue to do the things you love?

•  Improve balance and reduce risk of falls?


Training Longevity provides premium personal training to adults in the

Pioneer Valley with an emphasis on serving the baby boomer population. Founder Jay McWilliams saw a need for safe and effective fitness training to meet the specific needs of the active adult population. Jay is a certified Functional Aging Specialist and Certified Functional Strength Coach; Jay is passionate about helping his clients meet and exceed their goals. Training Longevity is able to offer affordable and effective training.


Take advantage of a free 30-min consultation to discuss your health and fitness goals!

This phone consultation will cover health history, and create a goal development plan. Meet with Jay and learn about how working with a certified Functional Aging Specialist, Certified Personal Trainer, and Certified Functional Strength Coach will help you improve your functional fitness and

start training for longevity.

Core Beliefs

As a Functional Aging Specialist and Certified Functional Strength Coach Jay believes:


•   Improving functional fitness is critical to living a long, healthy, and enjoyable life.

•  It is never too late to begin a fitness program and reap its benefits.

•  If you move better, you will feel better. If you feel better, you will move more.

•  Fitness is one of the best investments of time, money and effort that adults can make.


Training Longevity strengthens the body and mind with skills and knowledge, contributing

to health, fitness, and longevity. I believe that all adults benefit from coaching through personal training to reach their full potential of an active healthy lifestyle.