“I started working with Jay after many years of being out of the fitness loop. In the past,

I’d enjoyed jogging, but knee pain convinced me that it was no longer an option. At some point, I decided that

there had to be another way - that is when I started working with Jay.  His analysis revealed that the problem was with the muscles, not the joints - some were weak, some were too tight, some were strong, but unbalanced...  It was a welcome revelation. The training that we did pushed me without risking injuries. It put me on the path to jogging 

regularly, making it through spin classes & introduced me to the miracle that is a foam roller. This is the best

shape I have been in for years & I will be forever grateful to Jay for launching me on that path!”


Khama E., MD

"The small group classes I have taken with Jay have been focused, motivating and fun!

Many members of our 55 and older group had some physical challenges due to prior injuries or surgery and Jay was excellent with adapting the program to keep the exercises challenging yet safe.I have also been impressed with

Jay's drive to regularly attend education programs, continuing to expand his personal training knowledge."


Bob Andersen CMTPT, LMT

"Working out with Jay has definitely been transformative.

I cam into training hoping to get stronger and improve my fitness. What I didn’t expect was how personalized Jay’s approach would be to our training. He really listens to me and watches my movements- constantly assessing what I might need in terms of mobility, strengthening, flexibility, nutrition, and encouragement. I feel like he is always fine-tuning and adjusting our workouts to meet my needs and push me in ways I would not push myself. Biggest surprise? I look forward to our workouts. We work hard and I leave sweaty but energized. He has helped me stay on track with my fitness and health goals, but also recover from several injuries that got in the way of my fitness for years before

I started with him. I’m learning more with each session and having a great time."


Jennifer G.

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